You own a guest house in the Var and you have a true sense of hospitality? What you have read about our association appealed to you?

Join the Guest houses in Provence:

MHP is an association that was created there over 15 years, first under the name of Guest Houses of the Var, and Guest Houses in Provence since 2013.

Its purpose is to facilitate and promote an independent network around friendliness, mutual assistance and quality.

It provides its members (currently 25) three major tools: Site – – allowing the public to discover each institution or to make reservation requests, a forum, or each can express themselves, ask questions, seek legal assistance, practical … and finally a booking requests transfer system when one of the members can not satisfy them.

We are always happy to integrate within our quality homes association who share our values, particularly in parts of the Var or neighboring areas where we are still poorly represented.

To join the Association of Guest Houses in Provence, the process is simple:

  1. Your home must first adhere strictly to the features of the guest house technical and legal sense: home at the owner and by him, provision of breakfast, possibly dinner, declaration in town hall …
  2. Then use the form found on the page “Contact the MHP association” of this website.
  3. The association will then proceed to the first technical checks to ensure for example that your house is located in a geographical area of the Var and neighboring regions where we do not already sufficiently represented at the information available on your website your home is a general level of benefits and price consistent with most of our members and it raises no other eligibility issues (eg single room or no independent bathroom).
  4. The association will contact you within a few days and you will, if appropriate, a visit during which we will discuss together how you meet our repository.
  5. The visit will result in a report and then a collective decision within the association. This decision will be communicated without delay.