Le Clos Cibonne is one of the rare classified vintages of Provence (14 in total). Held by Brigitte and Claude Deforges, this vineyard of 13 hectares, of which 75% of the production is dedicated to rosé, has found its nobility around the ancient Tibouren, a grape variety on all the small tablets of Julius Caesar.
It is certainly the oldest vineyard of the Pradet from which comes the grape variety of Tibouren. The precious grafts were preserved over the centuries and allowed to gradually replant all the domain in appellation of origin controlled coast of provence.
The very old estate “Clos Cibonne” was acquired by André Roux’s ancestors more than two centuries ago. Since then, all the generations have worked to safeguard the vineyard, thus generating an authentic wine-grower line.
It was in the 1930s that André Roux directed the estate solely towards the cultivation of the vineyards and gave it its nobility around the Tibouren grape variety, the authentic Tibouren of Pradet, a grape variety dating back to the earliest Antiquity . This rosé comes from it and its salmon color, its warm and fruity character, melted in a beautiful minerality will delight you for sure.

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